Short Story Collection




A unique collection of eight 2ml Imaginary Authors fragrance samples.

Or, three 14ml Travelers of your choice.

Take your pick! When checking out, include which 3 Travelers or 8 samples you would like in the ‘Optional Note to Seller’ window.

“There is only one way into a memory and no way out.”



Samples are 2ml glass spray vials – with 50 half sprays each.

Travelers are 14ml painted glass with a generous spray atomizer.

Please choose from the following:

– Sundrunk
– Slow Explosions
– The Cobra and The Canary
– A City on Fire
– Cape Heartache
– The Soft Lawn
– O, Unknown!
– Every Storm a Serenade
– Falling into the Sea
– Saint Julep
– Bull’s Blood
– Yesterday Haze
– Memoirs of a Trespasser